fashion design

                                  AWA by Wim Adriaenssens

AWA has been my brand name for 30 years, covering all kinds of design I am involved in.  I am a Belgian based painter/sculptor/ fashiondesigner/furnituredesigner. From time to time these different aspects come on the foreground. since 2019, I turned back to fashion design. I had my own brand 20 years ago which I represented on the fashion fair Casabo, pret-a -porter Paris. But after 7 years, I re-orientated to painting and sculpture. But fashion is addictive, so since a couple of years, I returned to my old love. For now, my designs are available on demand, which also gives me the opportunity of working very personal. It is always intriguing to mix my designs with the personality of the client. I make (sew) the clothes myself. Every item is made with a haut-de-gamme finishing in excellent fabrics.

 On this website, you will find fashion designs as well as furniture design and vintage furniture, a passion of mine.

Recently, I developed new techniques to paint with fibres: embroidery by hand and by machine , incorporating different fibres e.g. : flax, silk, etc...This opens up the opportunity to close the gap between the different domains I practise. For more info about my paintings , please go to Enjoy your visit!